Dock for Square Reader + Apple Pay and Chip Cards

  • $39.95
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  • Overview

    The Dock for Square Reader is the perfect countertop partner for your new Square Reader for contactless and chip. It keeps the reader charged and in place for quick, seamless transactions. You can also plug it into a Square Stand for instant setup and charging, or connect it wirelessly to your compatible iPhone or iPad with Bluetooth LE.

    Pair with your point of sale

    You can connect a docked Square reader wirelessly to a supported iPhone or iPad or plug the dock into a Square Stand.

    Pick the right spot

    The dock keeps your Square reader in place so it's easy for customers to insert chip credit cards.

    Stay powered all day

    Plug the dock's USB cable into your Square Stand or a USB wall charger to keep your reader charged.


    The dock gives your reader a prominent place on your counter—inviting customers to pay with INTERAC Flash, Apple Pay and other contactless payments

    The weight of the dock keeps Square Reader anchored to your countertop

    Connects instantly to the USB hub attached to a Square Stand

    Can connect to a USB wall charger for all-day power

    What’s in the Box

    Square Dock for Square Reader + Apple Pay and Chip Cards (with connected USB cable)

    Tech Specs

    Cable length: 1.8 m/70 in.

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: A-SKU-0120

    UPC or EAN No.: 817044020136


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    Warranty: One year