Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer

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Check out Lifeprint’s video and watch as photos come to life like magic.

Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer

Lifeprint Augmented Reality Photo and Video Printer

[Music Plays]

Lifeprint logo appears on screen with tagline: Photos for the New Millennium. Photo is printing out of Lifeprint printer below.

Various lifestyle photos are printed with the Lifeprint printer in multiple settings.

The Lifeprint App is opened and the Augmented Reality viewer shows as different photos come to life. Text on screen says: “Lifeprint’s Augmented Reality brings your photos to life like magic in your hands… Pretty cool huh?”

A montage of different media are shown being selected and printed. Text on screen says: Print Apple Life Photos, Snapchat, Instagram, Vines, GIFs, Facebook videos, and more.

A quick demonstration shows how the printing process with Lifeprint works. Text on screen says: “Just pick the video you want to print, select a still frame, and print. Easy.

The printed photo is peeled and stuck to a photo album. And then the Augmented Reality viewer shows it come to life. Text on screen says: Lifeprint Photos are sticky backed too. So you can stick them anywhere you want. Open the Lifeprint Hyperphoto viewer to watch your photo come to life.

Cut to a demonstration of how photo sharing works in the Lifeprint printer network. You can share photos to your friends all over the world. Text on screen says: Even better, we let you share your photos to any Lifeprint printer in the world. “Follow” your friends in the Lifeprint network. Now sharing real photographs is just as easy as sending a text.

Shows Lifeprint App opening and fades to white. Lifeprint logo on screen with the tag line: Let’s make photos special again.

[Music Fades out]