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Sphero Mini Robot

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Watch the Sphero Mini Video

Sphero Mini

[Exciting Music Begins]

[Purple, grey and red Sphero minis drive off screen]

[Red Sphero Mini crashes into dice]

[Drive with the app]

[App drives Red Sphero mini into a soccer ball]

[Red Sphero mini turns into purple Sphero mini]

[Purple Sphero Mini scores goal]

[Drive with your face]

[Young lady looks at phone, tilts head and Sphero mini drives away]

[Purple Sphero Mini drives obstacle course]

[Purple Sphero Mini goes off ramp and changes to grey Sphero Mini]

[Grey Sphero lands on ramp]

[Grey Sphero Mini is picked up by hand]

[Use as a game controller]

[Sphero is used to control game on app]

[Hand puts grey Sphero Mini ball down]

[Grey Sphero Mini Jumps off ramp]

[Grey Sphero Mini turns into Red Sphero Mini]

[Program with Javascript with Sphero Edu]

[Hand codes using app on phone]

[Red Sphero completes maze]

[Purple, grey and red Sphero mini drive to the middle of the screen]

[Sphero Mini]