Sphero Mini Robot Activity Kit

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Watch the Sphero Mini Activity Kit Video

Sphero Mini Activity Kit

Mini Activity Kit

[Young boy controls Sphero Mini with his smart phone]

[Music starts]

[App-Enabled Robotic Ball]

[Sphero Mini rolls across wood floor]

[Sphero Mini rolls under skateboard]

[Sphero Mini rolls through a tube and down a stack of books]

[Sphero Mini rolls around a couple of small succulent plants on a table]

[Young boy empties content of Sphero Mini Kit box onto wood floor]

[15 Stem-Based Activity Cards]

[Young boy picks up a Sphero Mini activity card]

[Young boy constructs a bowling alley from the Sphero Mini Kit parts]

[Young boy controls the Sphero Mini using Slingshot Mode on his smart phone]

[Sphero Mini rolls down the homemade bowling lane and knocks over the mini bowling pins]

[Mother and daughter hold a stack of Sphero Mini activity cards]

[Mother and daughter construct a mini maze]

[Daughter controls Sphero Mini using Joystick drive mode]

[Two young boys set up another activity]

[Multiple Drive Modes]

[Young boy uses Kick drive mode to control his Sphero Mini]

[Sphero Mini rolls across glass table and into the other boy’s goal]

[Young boy looks playfully disappointed]

[Multiple Arcade Games]

[Close up of hand twisting and turning Sphero Mini]

[Young Boy sits on sofa controlling a Sphero Mini game on his smart phone with the Sphero Mini]

[Another young boy plays another Sphero Mini game controlled by a Sphero Mini]

[Learn Block-Based Coding]

[Hand slides last strand of code in the Sphero EDU app and pushes Play]

[Finger connects last bit of code on smart phone and pushes start]

[Sphero Mini navigates through a homemade table top maze]

[Hundreds of Free Activities In The EDU App]

[Sphero Mini rolls behind several obstacles on the kitchen counter]

[Sphero Mini rolls up to young boy at the end of its obstacle course]

[Top down of the Sphero Mini Kit and everything that comes with it]

[Sphero Mini Kit logo]

[Sphero logo Inspiring the Creators of Tomorrow]

  • Overview

    The Sphero Mini Activity Kit has everything you need to get rolling, playing and learning with your Sphero Mini robot and iOS device. Each Kit comes with a Construction Set, Activity Cards, Pins, Cones and a Robotic Ball Cover. Follow the 15 STEM-inspired Activity Cards to build mazes, design obstacle courses, construct towers, play sports and more. Complete all of the challenges and games, and then start creating your own fun.


    Clear shell lets you see the inner workings of your teeny-tiny robot

    Experience plenty of fun with the included Construction Set, Activity Cards, Bowling Pins, Traffic Cones and a Robotic Ball Cover

    Activity Cards offer 15 guided challenges and games to inspire creativity and test skills

    Construction Set with rails, arches and connector pieces opens up unlimited opportunities for creativity and play

    Sphero Play app lets you drive Mini in several ways: Joystick, Tilt, Slingshot or Kick drive

    Play in-app games and use Sphero Mini as a joystick

    Download the Sphero Edu app and program your robot in three different ways

    Dive into the fundamentals of STEM with fun activities and programs

    What’s in the Box

    Sphero robotic ball with clear shell

    15 Activity Cards

    28-piece Construction Set

    Six Bowling Pins

    Three Cones

    Robotic ball cover

    Micro USB charging cable

    Tech Specs

    Input Type: Micro USB

    Connections: USB-A

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

    Power Source: USB

    Batteries: Lithium Polymer

    Battery life: Approximately one hour

    Charge Time: Approximately three hours

    Height: 4.19 cm/1.65 in.

    Width: 4.19 cm/1.65 in.

    Weight: 46 g/1.62 oz.

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: M001AW2

    UPC or EAN No.: 817961024408


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