Can I use HomePod as the speaker for my AppleTV for video content, if so are there any lip sync issues?


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  • Yes you can. No there are no issues with syncing sound with the timing of the video. The HomePod calibrates with the video content to address this, so you will not experience any latency between the audio and video streams.

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  • Yes, the HomePod can be used as a speaker through the Apple TV's audio settings. There may be a slight delay, but your device will automatically delay the video so that they are matched without any issues.

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  • The faster and better your internet is, the better it will work. I recommend connecting the ATV via ethernet. But Homepod(s) sound great with an ATV. It is also very easy to turn it on and off through the ATV thanks to some newer updates- Just hold down the button on the right of the remote and you'll have all the sound options, without the need to go through settings any more. Also easy when you're done to revert back to whatever else you use the Homepod(s) for.

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  • Yes, it can.

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