Can you transfer photos & videos from ipad to a flash drive

I want to transfer photos & videos from my ipad to a flash drive so I have more memory space. .

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    This is how I transfer photos and videos from my iphone and ipad to my external hard drive:

    Go to Finder in the dock at the bottom of the page (usually all the way left with a face)
    Select Applications
    Select Image Capture

    The icon of iphone or ipad will be on the left under Devices and your pictures should automatically pop up and then at the bottom it says Import to: and you select other and then select your external hard drive.

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  • I've tried to transfer photos from my iPad to a flash drive with no success. I purchased an adaptor from Apple but it still won't permit me to transfer the images from a friends wedding onto a flash drive to share with their family. Personally I find this unacceptable practice by Apple that requires owners to go through iCloud to share their photos. If you find an easier way please let me know.

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  • You can do it in Image Capture in Applications. Plug in your iPad and your flash drive and open image capture. The iPad will show up on the left. Click on it and the photos will appear. Go to "Import to" and browse for the flash drive. The choose import and they will all go to the drive.

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  • I want to transfer photos & videos from my ipad to a flash drive so I have more memory space. HOW?

    Apple Responds

    You can transfer the pictures/videos from your iPad to a computer. And from the computer, you can place them onto a flash drive. But the iPad can not directly connect to a flash drive.

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  • There is no way to do that. The best thing you can do is connect your iPad to your computer and download everything to Photos. Then you can delete the photos from your iPad after the transfer. Now, there are wireless flash drives available on the market. You could look into an option such as that and see how it works for you.

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  • Yes you can put it on a usb but you will have to open iCloud first then sync it to your computer and the open your iPads documents (in this case photos and videos) through libraries on your desktop and find your iPad photos and videos. However, you will have to search for them.

    Once you find the photos, you can highlight them, right click, press send to, find your usb, then click on it so it can transfer. It does not take very long.

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  • You can if you use a wireless flashdrive. I have one from Sandisk and do this with no problem.

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  • I used the FonePaw iOS Transfer contacts and photos from iPad to computer. And it supports transfer photos and videos, I think you can try about that to transfer photos and videos from your iPad to a flash drive. The program is easy to use with a friendly interface.
    They have tutorials, like this. You can have a look.

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  • Yeah

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  • yes

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