How can I restore the on-screen headphone audio volume control for the Youtube app on iPad 2017? It went away during the last Youtube update.

When I downloaded the Youtube app for my new iPad 2017, to the left of the minimize button was an icon that allowed me to bring up the on-screen headphone volume control. It looked like the square with the triangle at the bottom. Youtube updated the app sometime in November, and that icon is no longer present. Unfortunately, my iPad was so new I hadn't backed it up, so don't have the old version of the Youtube app to downgrade to. When I go into the Apple Store, it re-appears, only because they have Apple TV in the store and the mirroring ability makes the icon usable for Youtube. However, when I return home the icon disappears again since I don't have Apple TV. It's a pain being limited to the physical volume controls or having to double press my home button to get the control panel volume controls to appear. Does anyone know how to restore this icon or a work around?

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