Why won't map/directions feature speak through bluetooth in my car

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    Hey Debbie! It depends if your vehicle supports Apple CarPlay or not. If your vehicle does support CarPlay, the short answer would be for you to use the voice command on the steering wheel of your vehicle to establish a bluetooth connection. From there you would go to settings on your phone -> General -> CarPlay and select your vehicle from that menu.

    There is a little more to that, but first check if your vehicle supports Apple CarPlay online or the vehicles owners manual.

    If you have a bluetooth device you purchased from somewhere that you intend to use as the medium between your phone and your vehicle you are going to want to get that setup first. Once you do heres your first step in your phone settings...

    Go to the maps app and enter wherever it is you're going. Press directions, go, and from that point assuming your volume is loud enough, you should start getting voice guidance as you travel. There are a few things you can change in the settings there within the app that you should definitely check out before you hit the road as I'm sure discovering new features while you drive is not the best time. :)

    I was trying not to OVER explain this to much as I wasn't sure which iDevice you were using or HOW you were connecting with/and what vehicle. Hopefully its enough to get you looking in the right places though. Drive safe!

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