Does this just replicate the number keys on the keyboard or is it a "true" keypad?

I have purchased two other keypads, trying to find one that will work as a true keypad. A true keypad works like the keypad on a full-size keyboard: apps like Excel that can assign different functions to the numeric pad, and especially Windows (either in Boot Camp or in a virtual machine) can use the keypad to enter non-standard characters. In Windows, you can't expect to use a keyboard shortcut to get certain characters like a cent sign or an e with an accent, but you can hold down ALT and type a 4-digit code ON THE KEYPAD (not the main keyboard) to enter other characters. I rely on this in a lot of Windows apps, and have had to switch back to my wired Apple keyboard. (I have not found any good quality wireless full size keyboards, either!)

Belkin YourType Bluetooth Wireless Keypad

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