I have a older house, that does not contain a neutral electrical wire. Will I be able to use this switch?

Lutron Caséta Wireless In-Wall Light Dimmer with Remote

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    Yes, it will work without a Neutral wire.

    You can search the web for this product catalog PDF file from Lutron that clearly states that neutral wires are not required:


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  • I agree withe the previous persons comment about Neutral and ground. This can create all kinds of issues. I believe the person who answered this question previously assumed the switch creates a load. The switch is battery powered and last up to ten years. Hence no need or a neutral wir

    Here is what it says in their brochure:


    Doesn’t require a neutral wire

    ideal for retrofit or new construction

    No polarity for line or load wiring

    mistake-proof wiring

    Works with compatible dimmable LEDs (up to 150W), and incandescent and halogen bulbs (up to 600W)

    Use Pico remotes for additional dimmers in 3-way or multi-location dimming applications

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  • Not sure how Lutron did this with a smart switch but the dimmer switch does NOT require a neutral. I have installed in locations with and without a neutral and it works great.

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  • You must be mistaken
    All 110Vac electrical outlets and circuits require a Neutral, to carry the load back to the source
    This Neutral is then Bonded to ground and cold water pipe at the drop , which is at the main
    panel following the meter only, its a violation of code to bond the neutral anywhere else beyond the main panel
    Not to mention the magnetic field generated by neutral / ground bonding beyond the main
    is probably not very good for you

    You are obviosly mixing up a circuit without neutral for a circuit without ground
    they typically used cotton covered wire with this type of circuit

    So this device should operate fine without ground unless the OEM requires this as safety concern

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