Is this in fact a Thunderbolt drive - out of the box ready for Thunderbolt speeds?

One answer says "No". But Apple has this listed with drives when I filtered on ThunderBolt. If it is not ThunderBolt ready out of the box, they are doing their customers a disservice. If it is capable of Thunderbolt throughput but an extra cost cable is required, that should be stated. I am ready to buy a small capacity Thunderbolt drive and I can't believe how difficult it is to determine if what I'm buying will fit the bill. So far, only a the Buffalo MiniStation and an offering from LeCie seem to meet that spec. I'd expect Apple to have a similar product in their Accessories list.

G-Technology 2TB G-DRIVE mobile USB-C Portable Hard Drive

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  • No. If you look at the spec sheet online it states 7200 RPM hard drive and up to 136MB/s transfer rates.

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