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    I just found out the "CLEAR" button above the number pad acts as NUM LOCK for the keyboard. I'm using this keyboard on a PC (at work).

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  • The same happened to me while playing in the preferences. Go to preferences,accessibility, then mouse and trackpad. Make sure to uncheck the box that says "Enable Mouse Keys".

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  • where is the number icon on the keyboard

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  • Using Windows 8.1 operating in parallels 10: number pad acted as arrow keys. Clear button above number pad acts as number lock in windows

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  • Use the CLEAR key

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  • I'm running Windows 7 on a Dell OptiPlex 755 minitower, and I couldn't figure this out for the longest time, but if you hit the "Clear" key, (directly below F16), it should act the same as the NUMLOCK key on a PC keyboard.

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  • OSX does not use a Number lock in the system. For purposes of bootcamp with windows the keys function as the same keys on a windows computer. So that would be the key on the numeric keypad above the 7. Press it once windows is running and it will reflect the change.

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  • On my wired keyboard the numlock got turned off somehow, maybe in running a VM with windows. I had to do fn-clear to get it to turn back on.

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  • what is the warranty period for an apple keyboard with numeric keypad

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  • No. This keyboard does not have a traditional number lock button. The Apple numeric keypad is meant for entering numeric data only, and is rarely if ever used as a substitute for the arrow keys. They don't even have arrows drawn on the numeric keypad.

    If you play video games, many games are set up (or can be set up) to treat the numeric keypad as arrow keys. I personally hate having my cursor accidentally jump around the screen while I am trying to enter numeric data, so I do not miss the number lock button at all.

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