So this will connect to a modem/router and give me wifi?

For the non-tech savvy people like myself.... My MacBook air doesn't have an ethernet port, so I'm assuming this fixes that? All I want is wifi in my unit, but I'm told I need a laptop with an ethernet connection. This will plug into the router and give wifi?

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

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  • No, this does not give you Wi-Fi capability. Instead, it allows you to access the Internet via a cable to an Ethernet jack. Wi-Fi is a wireless means of getting access to the Internet via a wireless access point or router. Ethernet is a wired means of getting access to the Internet. Before Wi-Fi existed, everyone accessed the Internet via wired Ethernet. It is still the fastest way to access the Internet. Wi-Fi has gotten more popular because it is wireless, and its speed keeps improving. The access point or router that supplies you with a Wi-Fi signal is getting its data from the Internet via a wired Ethernet connection. If your laptop does not have Wi-Fi capablity, but you have access to an Ethernet jack (there may be one on the back of your router), this device will let you access the Internet via a cable, and it will be faster then Wi-Fi.

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