Samsung T5 Usb-C ? Can it be connected to a thunderbolt 2 port on my (2012)MacBook Pro Via this cable and a USB-C male to Thunderbolt 2 female adapter

The Samsung T5 External has Mojave on it. Right now I am just using USB 3 to USB-C cable that came with it. But if I could plug it in using thunderbolt port it would free up my USB 3 port for a USB 3 Audio interface (Apogee). Plus wouldn't data transfer be faster?

Apple Thunderbolt Cable (2.0 m) - White

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  • Hey Stephanie B, I guess I am answering my own ?. The answer is No. I bought the cable and connected it to the adapter and to the Samsung T5. It didn’t even power on and unfortunately did not show up. I thought it was a long shot. So Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 (USB - C) doesn’t appear to be compatible. I guess there would be A cable made for that if it was. Bummer. I guess I will have to find another way to use this $80 cable?

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  • Hey hey! I'm literally having the same issues haha, got a 2015 top spec Macbook Pro and am trying to utilise the max speeds.. I've found a bunch of useful info from hours of searching haha. Basically yeah you need a powered device for the thunderbolt 2 ports. What I've figured is you Can use the adapter to connect thunderbolt 3 docks to the thunderbolt 2 ports. Also. The T5's are absolute beasts. but they cap at around 450MB/sec anyways so the USB 3.0 ports will accommodate that speed fine (5Gbps - 5gigaBITS per/sec). What I was then researching was the possibility of using NVME M.2 SSD's instead and adapting them to the thunderbolt 2 ports. They deliver over 1000MB/s and would be sick if they can be used with Thunderbolt 2. They may have the same issue though and require a thunderbolt 3 powered dock to connect into the laptop. Saying all that I think the T5 is probably going to be my go to for now anyways.. Let me know if you find out anything!! Glad to see someone else on the same page in 2020!!! Coming from a freelance content creator who's just tryina figure everything out on a low budget. Will stay tuned! -Isaac

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  • It's important to remember that USB C is a connector, not the USB transport protocol. May the USB Forum forever be punished for this. No, you'll also need a dock that offers true USB ports. Any data transfers would be limited to the slower protocol in use. USB is no faster over Thunderbolt that it would be otherwise.

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