Which is better for battery preservation while not using the AirPods—putting them in the case, or keeping them out after a full charge?

I’m curious if it is a detriment to battery life/memory if the AirPods are stored in the case while not using them. I’m concerned about the case itself and both AirPods. I found that leaving the AirPods out of the case caused each AirPod to lose it’s charge pretty quickly without use. I than tried to keep the AirPods in the case to see how the pods/case battery fared. They did so much better kept in the case, but I’m concerned because, though the case is not plugged in, the AirPods are always being charged. Does this cause the pods/case to lose battery performance due to overcharging the AirPods? I know battery charging “memory” was a larger issue in the past—have the batteries evolved to make this a non issue? Please chime in, I love the my AirPods and want to make sure that I keep them safe and happy ; ) Thank you kindly, and I’ll be on the lookout for a response!


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