Is there a function to use this case while it has a full charge, and not have it charge your phone?

I love my Apple devices, and I was excited when Apple released a version of this for the iPhone 6. I used it with great success and it was a great product, however, it only was "always charging". There was not a way to use the case and not have it charge your phone. I started experiencing some issues with iPhone 6 and the battery began to swell. I opened a case with Apple and it was kicked around so many times until I was forgotten about. I truly believed that my battery started to swell because I used this case as my primary case for my phone, but didn't have the option to turn the case off. Does the case have a function that is able to stop it from powering the phone while the phone is in the case?

iPhone XS Smart Battery Case - Pink Sand

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  • No. When and how much it charges is controlled by software

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  • I had the 6s case and what I did when I didn't want it to charge was just pull the phone out so it's still in the case but not plugged into the lightning connector. Although it looks funny, it's the only option besides just not having the case on until you need it.

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