240 volt compatibilty

is this unit compatible with Italy's 240 Volt outlets?

  • Asked by fn from Fort Worth
  • Asked about:  QA Apple MagSafe Power Adapter

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    Electrically: Apple's MagSafe adapters are labelled for AC input of "100-240V 50/60 Hz". They should work worldwide. (Mine does).

    Physically: Most of Italy uses European-style two-round-pin AC sockets. There are local variations - some sockets have earth/ground connectors also, though the Magsafe adapter does not need this. You can get many converters to convert from US flat-blade mains plugs to Euro-style sockets. Best is to use the correct Euro-plug to fit directly on the MagSafe in place of (say) the US flat-blade AC plug. Second-best is to use a lead from Magsafe's own Figure-8 AC connector to the wall socket. This prevents the weight of the Magsafe dragging itself out of the wall outlet.

    Air Transport: You should carry your adapters with you so that you can power-up your laptop for security at any airport you pass through.

    • Answered by Gerald W