60W charger for black Macbook

My charger just died but the new 60W is not compatible with my Macbook black, what kind of charger can I buy?

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    The new ones will work just fine as long as your macbook has a rectangular magnetic head (as opposed the round ones that the ibook and powerbook used).

    The new power adapters have a smaller metal head (as opposed to plastic) and are designed so that the cable extends backward from the laptop as opposed to off to the side but those are just design improvements. They fit the same port and plug into the computer exactly the same as the plastic rectangular ones.

  • Check out you box dude. It has 2 numbers, de Axxxx is from your Mac model and the other one from your corresponding charger. That way you can check the voltage and current. The new charger can be equal in Watts but must be equal in both of them.