Are Retina displays only for computers and not thunderbolt displays? Does Thunderbolt Display produce exact Retina (for development)

On Retina displays, the colors on the Macbook Pro is precise. I read the Thunderbolt information and find that the Thunderbolt Display is LCD, not Retina. Are Retina displays only for computers and not Thunderbolt Displays? Does the Thunderbolt Display produce the exact Retina resolution/colors/etcetera (for intense-development). Thanks!

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

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    I think you are under a misconception as to what 'retina' means when used by Apple regarding displays.

    'Retina display' is a term coined by Apple for a display whose pixel density is sufficiently high that individual pixels cannot be discerned when the display is viewed at a normal working distance (for that display). It is not in itself a new technology. Colour is a separate matter that has nothing to do with being 'retina' or not.

    This is a very high quality display. It is not 'retina' because the density of its pixels is not sufficiently high. That doesn't mean that it isn't a wonderful display, and it is most definitely suitable for 'intense-development', whatever that means.