Can anyone speak to real-world performance benefits?

I own a 2016 13" MacbookPro and the LG 5k display. Typically I use it for programming (VSCode, XCode etc.), occasional light gaming. Drawn to this product as it works with the display and would make a decent desktop dock with its extra ports and power.

I do notice windows get a bit choppy on the 5k display, so I'm curious the benefits that this eGPU will bring - essentially will it be enough to notice in my every day? Benchmarks seem to focus on either heavy 3D games or video rendering.

  • Asked by fn from Brooklyn
Blackmagic eGPU

Blackmagic eGPU

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    Yes. The choppiness comes from tearing and stuttering because your internal integrated GPU is way to weak to export 5k video at 60hz. however I would suggest using the pro version of this egpu with a Vega 56 for great performance on a 5k monitor

    • Answered by James T from Porter Ranch