can i connect an external drive to the airport express for backup?

I want to do wireless backup to a disk, so i connected it to the airport express. The time machine sees it, but does not allow me to backup

  • Asked by fn from San Juan
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    No, not with the Airport Express.
    You can do it with the latest version of the Airport Extreme though.
    Having had two failed Time Capsule hard drives, I'd strong recommend getting an Airport Extreme and an external hard drive, so that you don't need to throw away the Time Capsule as a router if the hard drives fails.

    • Answered by Andrew M
  • According to page 13 of the Airport Extreme manual, you can use an external hard drive for Time Machine backups.

    • Answered by David P from Moorestown
  • Anyone still need this A?? No, you cannot use an Express to perform this function. Only an AirPort Extreme can perform this function. You may plug a MacBook Pro into your device wanting to back up (via lightning or thunderbolt for older devices) then preset the backups to happen automatically and as soon the device is on the Apple Express network. But, this wouldn't be as easy as plugging ext-hd into the back of Express device as is with the Extreme.


    • Answered by Bryan G from Ann Arbor
  • Time Machine backups are not supported to drives attached to the AirPort Extreme. The internal drive in a Time Capsule IS supported for Time Machine backup.

    • Answered by John K from Westborough