Can I plug my Logitech mouse's dongle into the external USB ports on Apple's keyboard with keypad? Are the USB 2.0 ports backwards compatible w/ 1.0?

I need to replace my old Apple keyboard and I am considering the new Apple Keyboard with Keypad. My old keyboard has two external USB ports which I can plug my Logitech mouse into - my Logitech mouse is not USB 2.0 specifically. I've seem some comment that the USB 2.0 connectors on Apple's new keyboards are proprietary in some way or not backwards compatible with USB 1.0 devices.

I need to know if I can plug my current Logitech mouse dongle into the external USB ports on Apples new keyboard before I purchase it. Can someone please provide additional information?

Thank you!

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

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    USB 2.0 ports work with USB 1.0 devices plugged into them. But the ports on the keyboard are not USB 2.0, they are low-speed and low-power ports.