Can I use cable from 12w adapter on 29w adapter or I need special cable for 29w adapter ?

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

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    You need a USB-C to Lightning cable which Apple sells in 1m and 2m lengths. Normal USB cables from the 12w adapter for iPads or cables from an iPhone will not fit this adapter.

  • You need to purchase special usb c cable to lightning cable.

    Also, use the official mi fi certified from apple to purchase above.
    They are rated to handle up to 80 watts of power.

    Finally, beware of purchasing cheap or not licensed usb c cable to lightning cable, since the wires inside may not be able to accomodate 29 watts of power, perhaps much less like 10 or 12 watts, or overheat cable which shuts down charging you're phone.

  • I believe this adapter had a USB-C port on it which is different from the USB port on the 12W adapter. You can get an adapter, though and it will work then.

  • Its usb c, a different connector from usb 2/3 so yes.