Can I use multiple airport extremes to improve connectivity in a house?

I live in a 70 year old townhouse that is constructed of poured concrete. We currently have our cable modem and (older than 5 year) airport extreme router in the basement with our computers. The signal strength to the main floor is weak, even with a booster. The signal strength on the top floor is terrible. Can I improve wireless reception throughout the house if I upgrade the basement router to a new airport extreme and also install airport extreme routers on the main and top floors as signal boosters? Can I leave the cable modem in the basement or should I move it to the first floor where there is a cable connection? Is there a better solution to improve wireless connectivity in this home situation?

  • Asked by fn from Chicago
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    I had a similar situation in my brick ranch house with all sorts of extra brick walls due to porches etc. I have the cable modem in the basement. I ran about 100 feet of cat5e cabling from the cable modem through the drop ceiling and up into the floor of my office, at the opposite end of the house. My Airport Extreme is connected to the end of the cabling there. To get wireless to the far end of the house, and back to the other part of the basement, I set up an Airport Express in a kitchen outlet, extending my network wirelessly. It is not very elegant, but it works well. I have thought about re-doing the whole thing, but it works for now. If anything, I may add another Express at some point, as they are so versatile.

    • Answered by Judith H from Boardman