Can I use my router as a modem? I have a 2wire wich is a Router/Modem from ATT

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    No. You'll need to have a modem besides.

    The AirPort Extremes are able to interface with a modems, both cable and DS, but not act as a modem.

  • "Can I use my router as a modem?"

    No, this current generation AirPort Extreme can not be used as a modem. If an internet connection is required, one must obtain internet access and activate a modem, then connect the Extreme to the modem using only an Ethernet cable.

    "I have a 2wire wich is a Router/Modem from ATT"

    As long as it's still functional, it can be used for its modem function (have its router function disabled by ATT, or DIY). Then: (1.) connect Ethernet cable from its Ethernet "Modem" port to the Extreme's single Ethernet WAN port; (2.) install the included AirPort software to your computer; (3.) power on the Extreme; (4.) open AirPort Utility and setup the Extreme; and (5.) re-open AirPort Utility to setup/adjust its advanced feature settings.

  • I have att as well, but the airport extreme is not a modem so you would have to use an ethernet cord to connect it to your att 2wire modem/router. Then it would become the current wireless access point for your network with a new password and everything : )