can i use TC as external wireless media source library for two Macs, and attach the ioSafe Fire/Waterproof HD via USB to use as TM?

Hello, thinking of getting the ioSafe Fireproof/waterproof HD, and am wondering the following:

- Basic sharing: can I wirelessly connect two Macs to TC via WiFi, and point all media directories to it as my source library? I'm able to connect everything to the drive and see the file structure, but can't figure how to utilize as my source library. The TC is the primary router for the household with about 12 devices using it (not simultaneously)

- can I do the above, and attach the ioSafe via USB to the TC, and use the ioSafe as the Time Capsule?

My hunch is I can, but I seem to be hitting various issues and I simply can't coherently connect the dots, so am hoping someone can help. Thanks in advance!!

(not asking for someone to explain step-by-step: that would be AWESOME, but also would be great to get something like " 1. yes, 2. no" and I'll do the research myself)

  • Asked by fn from San Francisco
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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