can I use the non-grounded portion of my 60W magsafe charger in Europe without running the risk of damaging my macbook pro 13"?

I am traveling to Europe from the US and I plan on bringing my MacBook Pro 13". I only want to bring the smaller portion of my 60W magsafe charger to take up less room. Will I run the risk of damaging my computer if I don't bring the Ground plug portion of my charger? Or will it not matter? FYI the ground plug portion is the three prong part compared to the non-grounded two prong part.

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    You won't damage the computer. The only thing you'll lose is some protection for yourself in case the computer or power supply exposed a live AC current. I've used ungrounded adaptors in both Europe and Africa without problem.

    Practically speaking you may want to try out different ends to see what fits best into the power adaptor you're going to use in Europe. You can actually get European-type ends for the power adaptor which are the best solution, but otherwise I fear the tiny US 2-prong part of the adaptor may not fit so nicely as the longer cord when you're plugging into a US to European adaptor.