Can I use this display safely in the UK? Do I need any extra equipment?

I purchased this (or a similar model) in 2012. I have recently relocated to the UK. I want to know what I need in order to safely operate this display in the UK?

Do I need a simple outlet adapter, or will I need a Voltage Transformer?

Thank you!

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

Apple Thunderbolt Display (27" flat panel)

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    Yes. It'll work fine.

    All Apple power supplies work from 110V through 240V

  • As the Voltage range of this display covers 100-240V and works with 50-60 Hz you're good to go in almost every civilized nation around the world. In fact i don't know any country where public power networks operate at other voltages/frequencies not covered by this range.
    All you need is a mains adapter or a new power chord with UK power plug.