can the hue be controled with PC rather than ipad

I do not own an ipad. Can the hue be contrled via a PC?

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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    The bridge you add to your network publishes a web-based api accessible from any computer on the network. While this doesn't mean much to your average computer user, it means that a software developer can, almost trivially, write an application to control the lights from any device. Mac, PC, smartphone, etc.

    In Apple's App Store for Mac, there is an application called 'Colors for Hue' that can control the lights. Such an application for Windows or linux is entirely possible.

    The boxed product as sold at the Apple store contains no software, Mac or PC.

  • The official Hue App is available for iOS devices and also on Android.

    If you own Philips LivingColors lights, you can use the SmartLink remote control that comes with these products to control Philips Hue lights. This feature is supported by Philips.

    There are unofficial third party applications that can control the bulbs from a PC or a Mac. They are not officially supported by Philips, however.

  • Yup! You can control Hue via the Hue website so I can't imagine that it matters whether you are using a PC or a Mac.