Can the Phillips Hue light bulbs be used to replace ceiling fan light bulbs?

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Single Pack

Philips Hue Connected Bulb - Single Pack

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    I had a Philips Hue bulb installed on a ceiling fan (3 open face fixtures; not enclosed). Unfortunately I had one bulb that "burned out". Philips was willing to exchange the bulb until I mentioned the installation on a ceiling fan. They will not warranty their bulbs when installed on ceiling fans due to the possibility of vibration. Buyer beware if it ever fails.

  • Yes.
    I've used a Hue bulb in my bedroom ceiling fan and it's worked well. The only issue I have is sometimes switching the fan's speed turns the bulb off, but simply resetting the bulb switch (usually via a toggle) works fine. I rarely change the fan speed anyway so its usually not a problem.

  • Some ceiling fan light bulbs are candelabra base. The Hue Light Bulbs available in Spring 2014 would not fit a candelabra base.

  • Yes, I have mine installed in a ceiling fan. But I have a Hunter fan with 3 individual lights, not the dome. I do have another fan with a dome and just changed one of the light bulbs. I think they will work if the dome has enough clearance.