can this drive be used for time machine and as an regular external drive at the same time?

I have a new macbook pro. I need a hard drive for time machine. I also need a external hard drive for my iTunes. Will this hard drive do both at the same time or do I need a separate hard drive?

LaCie Porsche Design P'9223 USB 3.0 Mobile Hard Drive

LaCie Porsche Design P'9223 USB 3.0 Mobile Hard Drive

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    Yes you can do so by partitioning the hard drive to setup a select amount for Time Machine and a select amount for personal use like photos, docs and whatever else you'd like to use it for. You can find youtube videos which will explain the process of how to partition the drive and set the drive up for Time Machine and a personal storage device. I myself recently purchased (2) 1TB hard drives and I use one for Time Machine and the other for personal use. Please note that time machine writes itself basically overtime you will hookup the external hard drive which does not take long and it will run in the backgroud without affecting your computer performance at all. But it is recommended that you have at least 3 to 4 times the amount of space on the hard drive or the partition section for Time Machine. This is basically so that you have plenty of history to come back to if need be. Time Machine will write over itself once it becomes full so if there is not much room than your backup may only be a couple months worth compared to having 6 months to a year or whatever. My internal hard drive or SSD is 256 and I bought a 1TB for just my 256. If you choose to use this 1TB Lacie hard drive for Time Machine and personal use than I would partition at least 750GB of the 1TB for Time Machine.

    Hope this helps