Can you charge the XS Max on a charging pad while it is in this case?

  • Asked by fn from Santa Monica
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Otterbox Statement Series for iPhone - Felt

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2 Answers from the Community

  • *FYI*
    I know this question was asked a while back, but I wanted to let everyone know who is interested that yes it does charge on a wireless charging pad, however the Logitech powered wireless charging Stand isn't able to charge the phone while vertical. as it will only charge if placed horizontally, so it works in a way, but while I assume most people would prefer their phone place vertically you will want to find another wireless stand. I tried to find answers to why it only charged when horizontal, but all I came up with was because it wasn't open ended on charger end, similar to how the Apple cases are. however I tried another case that wasn't open ended and it worked just fine. the other answer I found which seemed plausible was the bumper/edging of case is probably to thick. Great case and great charger, bittersweet for myself to choose one or the other. haha

    • Answered by Russell M from Lexington
  • Yes you can..

    • Answered by Christian T from Green Valley