does Hue run on iMac OS 10.8?

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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    Hue has nothing to do with your Mac. Is connects to your standard light bulb socet and to a bridge which you connect to your network. You can then control these lights via an iOS app or a web browser.

    So. No, it does not run on 10.8, but it will work fine if you have a computer with 10.8 and use a browser like Safari.

  • Yes it does. There is an App on the Mac Appstore to control Hue. It is a third Party App, there is no App from Philips to switch an control your lights. Perhaps there are more Apps to come when the SDK from Philips is officially released.

  • Hue is OS agnostic!

    It runs as a self-contained system and is controlled by its own wireless bridge and a smartphone app.

    Your computer is irrelevant, except that you can control your lights via Philips website using any web browser if you've set up an account there.

  • Sorry, just hardware which runs iOS.