Does it work with Squash?

I haven't see any comments on this device to measure the activity of Squash game. can it be attached to squash racket? and is there a software that measure squash session for it?

Zepp Tennis Sensor

Zepp Tennis Sensor

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    With the soft mount it fits prefect to a squash racket. As tennis is different you can not get to much relevant information about your squash game. Forehand and backhand strokes are correctly indentified and counted, but, as natural for tennis, the serve is overestimated compared to squash, where you often use a softer (not weaker!) serve... You get a good overview about the amount of strikes over the game and how well you hit the ball with the sweet spot, but for squash the slice, topspin and flat strikes are of an much smaller effect and so the rewarding information is limited due to the difference between squash and tennis. A customized interface for squash instead of the tennis app would improve the information collected, but it is not to much likely that this will be available soon... I like the Zepp Tennis Sensor and use it for all my squash training sessions to count the amount of strikes I've done. (Usually 700 in one hour, solo 1000...1200 in one hour...)