Does the new slim connector disconnect as reliably as the perpendicular cable?

I am concerned it will not get proper leverage at many angles, such as pulled from behind. The old one works perfectly when the cable pulls sideways to break the mag-seal and pull out of the socket, it is least effective when pulled directly out. The new one looks like it will be fine if pulled to one side, but may "hook" a bit more from the other side.
Either way, I still think Mag-Safe is absolutely brilliant compared with any of the annoyingly wide range of power connectors I have used before.

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    I've used both, and the new slim connector is much better -- it's not constantly coming off when you accidentally bump or snag the cord. When you do want to remove it, it comes off easily -- just peel.

    The best part about the new cable is it just goes straight back and stays out of your way.

  • hi you can pull it from any side it will not break