does this mic work with an amp so you can play on stage?

I want to be able to plug this into an amp or a mixer so i could play on stage. Another question can you change the outputs to a plug or an actual mic output?

Apogee MiC Digital Microphone

Apogee MiC Digital Microphone

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    This is a compound question for live stage applications.

    To answer your question. .. Yes. However I do not recommend it for live amplified stage use.

    This microphone to me is made for 'studio' / home studio use, with headphones; if monitoring.

    MiC is a sensitive condenser microphone. With that, the MiC; will 'most likely' have to be kept at low level, if it will even handle the situational live sound, if one can; get it to stage use.

    This mic is not a standard XLR or 1/4 hook up cable. It uses:

    The iPhone dock port or a USB cable port.

    So, in my opinion, a work around to make it work on stage.

    My example.. if it were me. MiC, works with Mac's / Apple's Main Stage live audio program / app.

    Use the USB 'in' on the Mac.. go 1/8 out to an external system.

    Anything after getting audio signals to 'stage', personal preference.

    If your looking to get a general mic for life stage use. I recommend a Shure 58, a Dynamic mic... XLR connector (mic cable)... no extra power source needed for this mic or it's 'next of kin'...

    .. If your needing an instrument mic / amp mic for live stage use, a Shure 57 is better.

    Or, equivalent too. .. both the 57 & 58 are classically proven 'live stage' microphones that can handle high-gain sounds around them generally minimizing feed-back.

    I personally would not use MiC for live stage use. If your looking to experiment it will if you go a non traditional rout. The mic type is not recommend for live stage use in my option. I recommend for live use, go with a proven stage mic as posted above. For recording in a controlled environment MiC has been an amazing experience.