Does this work for walking or speed walking?

  • Asked by Bibiana M from Brooklyn

1 Answer from the Community

  • Hello, Thanks for your interest in the NURVV Run product. This generation of NURVV Run has been targeted and optimized for running as the main activity, so the suite of metrics and the app features are really focused on those things we feel will be most useful to runners. Even so, most of the metrics we report could be of interest to walking and race walking too and the product will work with these activities. The tracking metrics like distance, pace and time will work and so will the technique metrics such as cadence, step length, footstrike, pronation and (left-right) balance. We don't yet have any specific metrics focused on race walking (e.g. checking for a straight leg during contact, ensuring no float phase) but this is a a direction we could take in the future. Hope some of this information helps. Best wishes, Grant Head of Biomechanics @ NURVV.

    • Answered by Grant T