For the new iPad 3rd generation, does this support 1080p playback for movies? Currently on this page it says "movies play at up to 720p"

Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter

Apple 30-pin Digital AV Adapter

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    Yes it does it tried it with the new iPad and bought the movie Tintin HD on my 55" HDTV 1080p and it looks amazing full 1080p :) 100 % recommend.

  • The third party app 1080 Play can play 1080p MKV and MP4 files without conversion.

  • 1080p is supposed to be the difference between this and the older version. It is supposed to support 1080p with any 1080p device such as Ipad3.

  • No, not for movies or slide shows. For those, you get up to 720p playback. You should get 1080p mirroring of your other iPad (3rd Gen) screens.