Grounding my macbook air

When I got my macbook air I noticed that you can have an ungrounded plug adapter inserted into the brick or have a cord with a grounded plug inserted. What are the differences in using these different plugs?

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    One is grounded and the other is ungrounded as you mentioned. I find that it is very important to use the three prong/grounded plug when ever you can, just because it is safer. The two prong is great for when traveling since you don't need to carry an extra 3 foot cable with you. Others and I have also found that the MacBooks heat up less when using the grounded cable.

    The only real difference is convenience for the consumer.

    Hope this answers your question.

  • yes it will

  • There is no safety difference whatsoever. The 3 pin grounded cable goes to a 2 pin connector which then plugs into the adaptor.
    This means that the grounding is not even connected so there is absolutely no difference safety-wise.