Hi, I have macbook pro 15 mid 2010 with Sierra installed, I need to downgrade to os x 10.6. If bought this, will work?.

I understand that I need one of the following versions of the Snow Leopard: 10D2063a, 10D2094, 10D2101a or 10F2108.


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    Installing Snow Leopard should work. Install to a freshly formatted partition on either an internal or external drive. Should be formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with GUID partitioning.

    Note: Some Macs that were originally sold with a more recent version of OS X than OS 10.6 will not install OS 10.6 even though when that Mac model was first released it may have come with OS 10.6 on it. (That happened to me when I purchased a refurbished Mac with OS 10.8 on it.)

    The installer won't run, but the Mac will still run OS 10.6. Go to another old Mac and install Snow Leopard to a small partition (12 GB) that has been formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) with GUID partitioning. Do software update to bring up to OS 10.6.8. Then using Disk Utility make a DMG file of that partition, transfer to your Mac and "RESTORE" the DMG to a partition. Restart your Mac and hold the OPTION key. Select the partition with OS 10.6 and it should run just fine.

    As an alternative: Instead of creating a DMG, on old Mac you could install OS 10.6 direct to an external drive, then simply connect external drive to your Mac and start up holding the OPTION key to select the partition on the external drive.