Hi is it possible to connect the Linksys MR8300 Mesh wifi router to my existing Apple Airport and Airport Extreme units?

  • Asked by James L

1 Answer from the Community

  • It is possible, yes. However, I would suggest you use your Apple units to "extend an existing network," the one this Linksys will create. This new router is faster, while your Apple units will be slower. You don't want them to bottleneck your speed. So, from your modem, connect your Linksys router. Then in Airport Utility, select "extend an existing network" instead of "create a wireless network" as your new Airport units' settings. You'll now have a few signals: two from Linksys (5GHz and 2GHz), plus the signal from your Airports. Since we all have so many wireless devices at home these days, you can now make them connect to specific ones. More security-related devices I connected to the faster signal; slower devices can stay on the slower signal. Hope this all makes sense!

    • Answered by Roy Jonathan A from Frisco