how can i get more memory? I need to get Garageband.

  • Asked about:  Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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  • Please provide more information.

    Which Mac model do you have (type of Mac and year of release)? How much memory do you already have installed? Which OS X version are you using? Which version of Garageband do you intend to install (the most recent version?)?

    To get some of this information go to the Apple menu and select "About This Mac".

    For memory, in "About this Mac" select "More Info", then select the "Memory" tab at the top of the window. At the bottom right will be instructions for adding more memory.
    If you have an iMac, instructions are at supportDOTappleDOTcom/kb/HT1423 (replace each "DOT" with ".").

    If your Mac's version of "About this Mac" does not have the "Memory" tab, then select "System Report" and then select "Memory".

    Each Mac Model has a maximum amount of memory it can use. Each Mac Model needs a specific type of memory. Compatible memory can be purchased directly from Apple or from third-party retailers.