How can I update my IMac OSX 10.4.11?

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    If your iMac has an Intel processor and at least 1GB of memory, you can do the following (I upgraded to Snow Leopard from OS10.4.11 on an iMac):

    Some have upgraded to Snow Leopard directly over OS10.4.11, however, I do not like to do this, instead creating a dual-boot system where I can start-up in either OS10.4 or OS10.6. For dual-boot, do the following:

    1) Do a clean install of Snow Leopard to a new partition. If necessary, clone your 10.4 partition to a temporary, bootable external hard drive.

    2) All Snow Leopard disks can do a "Clean Install". But with the $29 disk you need to follow some extra steps, since "Erase and Install" is not part of the automatic installation... but the tools to do so are provided on the DVD.

    Basically, when you put the Snow Leopard DVD into your Mac, you will be presented with two options: 1) to "Continue" with a standard upgrade, or, 2) go to "Utilities". Select the "Utilities" button (there will be a reboot in order to run from the DVD). In the new screen that appears, under the "Utilities" menu, select Disk Utilities to format your hard drive (or partition) that Snow Leopard is going on to. When you have finished formatting, QUIT from Disk Utilities, and the installer will then complete the installation of Snow Leopard. (Note: be prepared to wait several minutes when the system reboots during installation as it copies and sets up all the files.)

    3) At some point during the installation, the installer will search all other partitions for an older OS, and if found, the installer will ask if you want to import the OS Settings, Files and/or Applications from that partition. Do this for a very smooth transition.

    4) All my apps from OS 10.4 continued to work in Snow Leopard, but some of my printer drivers and scanner utility needed upgrades. Until I could find the upgrades, I was still able to Start Up from my OS 10.4 partition (press Option during start up) in order to use my printers and scanner in the meantime.

  • how can i update from snowlepord

  • Yes you can !!!! I just found the same iMac PowerPC G5 Solo CPU on the trash i opened and it had 4 capacitors burn .I changed them and the Mac is running like new. Next step i took was to upgrade the machine and i did am now using Leopard 10.5.8 is still a lot of support out on the net for this macs even doe Apple don't support any more. This link is very helpful www. powerpc software .com Everything is good with my new mac thanks to Steve Jobs for making it!!!