How do I restore files from my AirPort Time Capsule to my MacBook? Can I restore selective files/software?

My hard drive crashed and I purchased a new MacBook Pro. I want to restore my documents from my latestAirPort Time Capsule backup and my quicken software and files but don't know how.

  • Asked by fn from Fairview Park
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    Hi Mr. H. W. A. , you can restore your files with Migration Assistant , to pen the Migration Assistant , go to Launchpad then Open the folder Other , then look for Migration Assistant and open it.

    The Migration Assistant will start with a screen asking you how do you want to transfer your information from a Mac ,a Time Machine Backup or another disk(This is the default option)

    Make sure that you are in the same network of the Time Capsule , then in the next screen select the Time Machine Backup disk(if you don't know , which one to choose , choose the disk with a green hard disk ,with a symbol of a arrow and in clock inside the arrow)

    After you selected the time machie disk, the Migration Assistant will ask you to select witch backup you want to transfer, after the selection of the backup ,another screen will show up , asking to confirm what you would like to transfer from the backup
    ( The default option is everything, just a important thing , you can't select which documents&data ,you want to recover , but you can't do thus ,with apps and the Mac settings )

    After you selected which information you want to recover ,select continue , and your Mac will ask if you want to encrypt your disk, this is important step ,because if you macbook is stolen ,nobody can access your information , ( i would recommend the encryption of your disk , the Mac may be slower ,but is better for security purpose)

    After you select if you want FileVault or not , your information from the time capsule will began to restore

    After this ,you can start using your Mac , with all your information previous from when the hard drive crashed

    Sorry for the long Answer

    • Answered by Stefano D from New York