How is the "fit" of them in your ear?

I have these types of in-ear headphones (cheaper versions) and I seem to have problems getting them to just "stay" in the ear...I know these come with diff sizes to choose from for fitting to your ear, but have you found that they work good once you do find the right fit? Are they comfortable to wear? Any other recommendations for a product not overly expensive, good quality sound and comfortable to wear and easy to fit?

urBeats Earphones

urBeats Earphones

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    The fit is great, the fact that beats ain't the best sounding headphones out there, they definitely are one of the most comfortable, after you find the right fit.

  • there's a "trick" to keeping in-ear headphones in your ears, that is assuming you have the correct sized tips installed for your ear canal size and you've pushed them in to the proper depth.

    the "trick" is to clean your ears and to keep them clean.

    ear wax is greasy and will coat the silicone ear tips if you do not practice basic hygiene. once your ear tips become greased with your ear wax, just the slightest bit of moisture will cause in-ear headphones to fall out easily. you can fix this by removing the ear tips and cleaning them with isopropyl alcohol. this will return the silicone's natural friction to the ear tips. before using your now clean headphones, clean your inner and outer ears. properly. and do this daily, if not after every time you sweat, especially if while wearing earphones to reduce the buildup of earwax in your ears and on your earphones.

    to answer your questions: yes, because i maintain proper hygiene. yes, as long as you know what "proper fit" is. no, only because all of your "ideal characteristics" for a recommendation are highly subjective, making the task impossible.