How long is this cable?

I used to have a 2m 30pin connector which was a decent length for a phone charger but now I'm stuck with this short one! When I used the old 30pin connector it could reach from the wall plug between my desk and bed to use on both but now I have to charge my brand new iPhone5 on the floor which is as you can imagine, not very safe!

  • Asked about:  Lightning to USB Cable (1 m)

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    This cable is the same length as the cables shipped with previous iPhone models, 3.5ft.

    I've had trouble with the length of these cables in the past too. What I've found to work the best a cheap $5 USB extension cable from Amazon and it's worked great ever since.

  • They are about 1m long.

  • I did a side-by-side comparison between the cord that comes with the iPhone 5 and the one that came with previous phones. They are the same length, exactly.