How many bulbs a bridge can support?

  • Asked by fn from Calgary
Philips Hue Connected Bulb

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

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39 Answers from the Community

  • 50 bulbs — official data. Technically it can be up to 250 bulbs per bridge.

    • Answered by Andrey B from Fremont
  • Philips' website states that a bridge can support 50 bulbs at a time.

    • Answered by Lutz L
  • 50 per the manufacturer.

    • Answered by Bruce T from Hermitage
  • I've read 50.

    • Answered by Chris H from North Las Vegas
  • A bridge can support up to 50 bulbs.

    • Answered by Andrew G from Staten Island
  • The description above states one bridge supports 50 bulbs... Plenty.

    • Answered by Daniel T
  • One bridge can support up to 50 bulbs.

    • Answered by Matheau G from Greybull
  • hi Kamlesh,
    A bridge can support up to 50 bulbs

    • Answered by Aliona B
  • They say 50, but a review said it was well over that. (I forget which on).

    • Answered by Christian R from Ponte Vedra Beach
  • Hi,

    The bridge can support up to 50 bulbs.

    • Answered by Jeremie L from Longueuil
  • 50 bulbs, but they have tested with 250 and it works more or less.

    • Answered by John-micha A
  • 50

    • Answered by Remond K
  • The Philips website says 50

    • Answered by Sachin M from Winfield
  • Each bridge can support x50 bulbs

    • Answered by David B
  • 50

    • Answered by Ben S from Platteville
  • SIngle bridge can support up to 50 lights.

    • Answered by Sefer S
  • 50, its in the advertising blurb..

    • Answered by Tom R
  • 50 bulbs per bridge


    The hue bridge is where all the clever stuff happens. It's the 'bridge' between your bulbs and your smart phone app. And it can link up to 50 bulbs at a time.

    To connect your bridge, first power up and then plug into the back of your wireless router, using the network cables provided. The blue lights go on one by one. When all four lights stay on continuously, you're ready for action.

    • Answered by Chris G
  • Up to 50.

    • Answered by Brynjar E