How secure is the pin-and-tuck closure?

Does it stay closed pretty securely (i.e. how easy would it be for the watch to come off accidentally with this type of band closure)? Does it loosen over time with use and become less secure?

  • Asked by fn from Ottawa
Apple Watch Sport Band

Apple Watch Sport Band

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    The pin - tuck sports bands are very secure. I have used the original apple watch since it came out and have only used the sport band that came with it. I have hiked, biked, lifted weights, played with my children, rock climbed, danced....many activities...with out the watch ever coming loose or adjusting. It was very comfortable and the fit was great.

    • Answered by Candice C from San Diego
  • Very secure. I worried about it coming loose as well. But I’ve used it every day and for biking and swimming and never had an issue. Not once (in 3 months of use) has it loosen up or fall off.

    • Answered by Daniela G from Coral Gables