how to record sound by using ipad?

Apogee MiC Digital Microphone

Apogee MiC Digital Microphone

Product No Longer Available

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  • I play guitar and bass and I use Garage Band to record myself with an Apogee jam which is really great for what I need. I make some little compositions and it help me a lot to make them beautiful and clear (with 8 tracks the sound quality is important).
    And like the Apogee mic you just have to plug it into your iDevice and launch an app like Garage Band or what you want. You even can use the camera with the mic.

    There is also IK Multimedia but Apogee have the best reputation in terms of audio quality and integration with the Apple Products. Also, the finish of the Apogee products are really great (my Apogee jam looks great with my iPad).