I am running 10.5.8, on a 2.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. Am I able to upgrade to Snow Leopard and then to Mountain Lion?

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    This will depend on your Mac.

    I assume that if you have a 2.1 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, that your Mac is from 2006/2007.

    Unfortunately, Mountain Lion only supports Macs made after mid-2007. At the Apple website, search for support article HT5444, "System requirements for OS X Mountain Lion".

    However, your Mac will run Snow Leopard (and Lion, if that is still available).


    To find out definitively if your Mac is supported by Mountain Lion, take note of your Mac's Model ID. (Under the Apple Menu, click on "About this Mac", then click on "More Info", then "Hardware"*, and there will be your Mac's model ID. (* For some "About this Mac" dialog boxes, click on "System Report" between "More Info" and "Hardware".)

    Then go to the Apple website and search for "How to identify XXXX models". For XXXX enter the type of Mac you have: iMac, MacBook, MacBookPro, MacBookAir, MacMini, etc. You should end up with an article that lists all the models and, for the later models, the date they were released. (If no date is listed beside your model, then do an internet search for "WIKI Intel XXXX". Again substitute XXXX with the type of mac you have. WIKI has charts with approximate dates of release for each model.)

    Use the release date, and compare to the "System Requirements for OS X Mountain Lion" at Apple website.

  • Is it a white polycarbonate MacBook? If so, you can upgrade to Snow Leopard, and then to Lion, but not to Mountain Lion.

  • that is a mid 2009 core 2 duo polycarbonate white macbook. you can upgrade to mountain lion i have a 2.0 GHZ core 2 duo early 2009 that has done it so the answer is yes